DTH Hammer

DTH Hammers
The Wildcat offers DTH Hammers with an uncompromising combination of performance, efficiency, and reliability.

key Features

  • The most effective material Applied!
  • Smooth Operation!
  • Producing a Great Energy!
  • Fast Drilling Speed!
  • Durable Parts!
Wildcat Rock Drilling Tools provides wide range of hammers from 1” to 40”, for various kinds of drilling project such as water well, piling, tunneling, blast holes, geothermal, foundation, mining, earth anchoring and so on. Every Wildcat DTH Hammer is built in-house, at our state-of-the-art facility equipted factory in Korea. All components are precision-manufactured using high quality materials and in house heat-treatment processes at our own facilities to guarantee durability and quality.

Wildcat’s DTH Hammer models support the majority of drill bit shank styles and are available with all common Backhead connections. Get in touch today for helping you to choose the right hammer for your drilling.

Product spec

Hammer Name Shank Style Foot Valve Y/N Available Bit Size Hammer O.D Hammer Length (Shoulder to Shoulder) Hammer Weight Top Sub Thread Catalog Links
WD100 DOM100 Y 2-1/6" ~ 2-3/5" (55 ~ 66 mm) 1.88" (47.9 mm) 30.39" (772 mm) 15.4 lbs (7 Kg) Std. 40mm DIN 405 6TPI BOX View


WILDCAT Rock Drilling Tools offers a wide range of DTH drill bits suitable for all ground types and drilling conditions to support a wide and variety of rock drilling types.

key Features

  • High Quality Premium Alloy Steel applied
  • Available with all major drill bit shank designs
  • Use the Industry-leading Tungsten carbide button for the Highest Quality.
  • Inhouse Heat Treated for Excellent Hardness and Wear Resistance
  • Special Custom designed bits available
The Wildcat DTH Drill bit is developed using customer feedback and experience.

All of our DTH Drill Bit are made from the most efficient high quality premium alloy steel. Using Quality forged Steel, heat treated and shot peened to deliver a durable and reliable balance of strength and toughness. Wildcat’s range of drill bits can be ordered for all major DTH Shanks Designs.

All Wildcat DTH Drill Bits are manufactured at WILDCAT’s state-of-the-art facilities in the Korea and short lead times no matter where our customers are. Our state-of-the-art production process and In-House Heat treatment process ensure consistent the Highest quality, which leads to reliable drilling consumables.

Product spec

Range Shank Style Head Size Range (in) Face Shape Carbide Availability Catalog Links
Concave Convex Flat Dome Ballistic Semi Ballistic
1" Range DOM100 2-1/6" ~ 2-3/5" o o o o o o View
2" Range MACH20 2-3/4" ~ 4" o o o o o o
BULROC2 o o o o o o
3"~ 3.5" Range MACH303 3-1/2" ~ 4-1/2" o o o o o o View
BULROC3 o o o o o o
DHD3.5 3-1/2" ~ 5" o o o o o o
4" Range DHD340 4-1/8" ~ 5-1/8" o o o o o o View
SD4 o o o o o o View
QL40 o o o o o o View
MISSION40 o o o o o o View
4.5" Range MACH404 4-1/7" ~ 6" o o o o o o View
MISSION45 o o o o o o
5" Range DHD350 5" ~ 7" o o o o o o View
SD5 o o o o o o View
QL50 o o o o o o View
MISSION50 o o o o o o View
6" Range DHD360 6" ~ 10" o o o o o o View
SD6 o o o o o o View
QL60 o o o o o o
MISSION60 o o o o o o View
8" Range DHD380 7-7/8" ~ 13-1/4" o o o o o o View
SD8 o o o o o o View
QL80 o o o o o o
MISSION80 o o o o o o View
10" Range SD10 9-1/2" ~ 16" o o o o o o View
NUMA100 o o o o o o
12" Range DHD112 12" ~ 26" o o o o o o View
SD12 o o o o o o
NUMA120 o o o o o o View
QL120 o o o o o o
Other Size NUMA125 15" ~ 28" o o o o o o View
KS320 o o o o o o
H150 o o o o o o
SD15 o o o o o o View
SD18 15" ~ 28" o o o o o o
KS380 o o o o o o
NUMA180 18-3/8" ~ 26-3/8" o o o o o o View
NUMA240 23" ~ 39-3/8" o o o o o o
QL200 30" ~ 36" o o o o o o

RC Hammer & Bit

Reverse-Circulation Drilling Products
The Wildcat’s Reverse-Circulation Drilling Products offers innovations that provide the world’s most powerful aerodynamic exploration drilling solution.

key Features

  • Low Cost and High Speed.
  • Effective to obtain a large amount of Data.
  • High Frequency.
  • Dependable Support.
  • Better Performance.
Reverse-Circulation Drilling Products RC Drilling is already the most common mineral exploration, water well, soil investigation, foundation construction and mine developing drilling method used in many regions of the world. Wildcat provides wide range of RC Hammers and Bits applying to hole sizes from 4” to 35” and provide custom ordered RC Hole Openers and RC Under Reaming System.

By applying the most efficient alloy steel, high quality heat treatment, Wildcat’s RC hammer & bit’s Durable parts guarantee the most stable performance. Simply designed internal parts make disassembling and assembling easy and precisely machined all parts optimize air consumption and guarantee fast penetration rate.

Product spec

Hammer Name Available Bit Size Hammer O.D Hammer Length (Shoulder to Shoulder) Hammer Weight Top Sub Thread Catalog Links
WRC3035 3.4" ~ 3.9" (86 ~ 100 mm) 3.15" (80 mm) 43.11" (1,095 mm) 66.14 lbs. (30 Kg) WRC30 View
WRC4651 4-5/8" ~ 5-1/8" (117 ~ 130 mm) 4.44" (113 mm) 46.61" (1,184 mm) 132.3 lbs. (60 Kg) Std. 3 1/2" Remet View
WRC5157 5-1/8" ~ 5-3/4" (130 ~ 146 mm) 4.72" (120 mm) 45.59" (1,158 mm) 136.7 lbs. (62 Kg) Std. 4 1/2" Remet View
WRC6065 5-1/2" ~ 5~3/4" (139.7 ~ 146 mm) 5.86" (149 mm) 51.81" (1,316 mm) 236.6 lbs. (107.3 Kg) 5 1/2" MPD View
WRC100 10" ~ 12" (254 ~ 305 mm) 9.87" (250.8 mm) 62.83" (1,596 mm) 840 lbs. (381 Kg) 7" Matrix View
WRC120 12" ~ 15" (305 ~ 381 mm) 11.33" (288 mm) 66.7" (1,694 mm) 1,212.5 lbs. (550 Kg) 7" Matrix View
WRC150 15" ~ 19" (381 ~ 483 mm) 14.56" (370 mm) 80" (2,032 mm) 2,304 lbs. (1,045 Kg) 10 3/4 H RC View
WRC160 16" ~ 20" (406 ~ 508 mm) 15.51" (394 mm) 91" (2,313 mm) 3,042 lbs. (1,380 Kg) 10 3/4 H RC View
WRC210 21" ~ 26" (533 ~ 660 mm) 20" (510 mm) 89" (2,262 mm) 5,482 lbs. (2,486 Kg) Negotiated Separately
WRC300 30" ~ 36" (762 ~ 914 mm) 28" (711 mm) 93" (2,360 mm) 11,583 lbs. (5,254 Kg) Negotiated Separately

Shock Absorber & Swivel

Absorber & Swivel

The Wildcat’s Shock Absorer & Swivel offers Increase the Life of Drilling Rig and helps safe and efficient drilling.

key Features

  • Increase the Life of Drilling Rig
  • Air Cushion plus Absorbing Shocks by buffer ring.
Wildcat’s Shock Absorbers are designed to protect your drill rig, rotary head, boom joints and drill string components, with easy maintenance. Wildcat’s Shock Absorbers have been used by many drillers in the world for the safety of the equipment and efficient drilling with excellent reputation.

Product spec

Name Type O.D Length (Shoulder to Shoulder) Weight Top Sub Thread Catalog Links
2-3/8 Air Swivel Air 5" (128 mm) 13.4" (341 mm) 40.6 lbs. (18.4 Kg) Std. 2-3/8" API Reg PIN & BOX View
3-1/2 Air Swivel Air 7.8" (198 mm) 16.5" (420 mm) 129.4 lbs. (58.7 Kg) Std. 3-1/2" API Reg PIN & BOX

Air Vibro Hammer

WILDCAT Air Vibro Hammer

WILDCAT’s Back Airvibro Hammer is designed to give percussion mechanism in which the impact power is directed backwards to help free DTH Hammer and drill pipes that have jammed in the drill hole.

key Features

  • High power and frequent air vibro help the jamed hammer or pipes to be free.
  • Easy maintnence and repair.
  • Combined with Shock absorving unit.
The Back Hammer is designed to help to free a DTH hammer and drill pipes that have jammed in the drill hole. It can also be used the hammer down or withdraw casings. The Back Hammer is mounted between the rotating unit and the drill pipes or between drill pipes and the hammer. When compressed air let the check valve be opened, the piston in the back hammer starts to strike the support bar and thus the impact and return strokes of the piston in controlled by means of directional ducts in the piston and the control tube. On the impact stroke, the piston strikes the support bar which transmit the impact energy into the drill string.

The return stroke of the piston is braked by an air cushion and the air cushion chamber and the piston will move back to striking position. The exhausted air from the back hammer is expelled through the holes at the shoulder of the back hammer. For hammering down casing, the back hammer is simply mounted upside down, whereupon the impact energy is directed downwards. Wildcat Back hammer is combined with a shock absorbing unit to protect the equipment’s rotation head threads while working.

Product spec

Hammer Name Hammer O.D Hammer Length (Shoulder to Shoulder) Hammer Weight Top Sub Thread Catalog Links
5 Inch Air Vibro Hammer 4.56" (116 mm) 34.04" (864.7 mm) 113.5 lbs. (51.5 Kg) Std. 2-3/8 " API Reg Pin View
12 Inch Air Vibro Hammer 11" (272 mm) 62" (1,569 mm) 1,095 lbs. (497 Kg) Std. 3-1/2 " API Reg Pin View

Utility Pole Drilling System

WILDCAT Utility Pole Drilling System

Component Part
No. Description Q'TY
1 Swivel + Shock Absorber Unit 1
2 Drill Pipe 1
3 Shroud 1
3-1 Locking Pin 2
4 DTH Hammer 1
5 DTH Bit 1

key Features

  • Pole drill system permits drilling for electric pole sockets or other utility pole drill holes to be more efficiently in rocks.
  • The system can be adapted to a truck mounted crane, coupled with a compressor.
  • The air swivel + Cushion device appows compressed air supply smoothly and dampens vibration and shocks from the bottom of the hole.
  • The DTH Hammer covering shroud helps the hole straightness and drill pressure control and the pin connection allows for easy service and assembly.
  • The system can be designed for drilling large range of drill hole sizes, by adapting various size of DTH hammers & bits and other accessories.
  • The system can be designed to drill certain depth of holes by adapting the extension pipes.

Cluster Hammer Drilling

WILDCAT Cluster Hammer Drilling

key Features

  • Looking for cost effective methods for Large Diameter Rock Socket?
  • Wildcat offers solutions for drilling up to 45 inch holes.
  • Extremely durable canister and well controlled DTH hammers help easy drilling, simply replaceable and repairable.

Product spec

Hammer Name Size (mm) Number of Hammers Hole Size (mm) Length (mm) Top Sub Thread
WCMH380 15" (380 mm) 5 15" ~ 15.3" (380 ~ 390 mm) 38" (965 mm) Hex Joint
WCMH400 16" (400 mm) 5 16" ~ 16.7" (400 ~ 425 mm) 38" (965 mm) Hex Joint
WCMH450 18" (450 mm) 5 18" ~ 18.9" (450 ~ 480 mm) 44" (1120 mm) Hex Joint
WCMH500 20" (500 mm) 5 20" ~ 20.9" (500 ~ 530 mm) 44" (1120 mm) Hex Joint
WCMH550 22" (550 mm) 5 22" ~ 22.8" (550 ~ 580 mm) 52" (1328 mm) Hex Joint
WCMH600 24" (600 mm) 3 24" ~ 24.8" (600 ~ 630 mm) 58" (1486 mm) Hex Joint
WCMH775 30" (775 mm) 3 30" ~ 31.5" (775 ~ 800 mm) 58" (1486 mm) Hex Joint
WCMH800 32" (800 mm) 3 32" ~ 32.7" (800 ~ 830 mm) 62" (1569 mm) Hex Joint
WCMH850 33" (850 mm) 3 33" ~ 34.7" (850 ~ 880 mm) 62" (1569 mm) Hex Joint
WCMH900 35" (900 mm) 3 35" ~ 36.6" (900 ~ 930 mm) 75" (1912 mm) Hex Joint

Drilling Equipment & Parts

WILDCAT Drilling Equipment & Parts

WILDCAT DUL APPLICATION 500 (WDA500) is equipped with separated extra supply line and assembly parts that make available to switch over from one to another, between Top Hammer Drilling and Down The Hole Drilling by easily exchanging the Rotary Head and the Drifter units at work site for different kinds of drilling projects.

Top Hammer Drilling ( Drifter)

Dimensions US Standard Metirc
Weight without dhank rod 485 lb 220 kg
Length without shank rod 3.3 ft 1020 mm
Cylinder diameter 5.1 in 130 mm
Piston stroke 3.1 in 80 mm
Air consumption 16 cbm
Main hose connection 2 in 51 mm

DTH Drilling

Rotary head
Dimensions US Standard Metirc
Weight 463 lb 210 kg
Max torque 2 kN
Drill rod
Rod length 9.84 ft 3000 mm
Rod diameter 3 in 76 mm
DTH Hammer
Size 3~6 in 76mm ~ 152 mm
Bit guage 4~8 in 95 ~ 203 mm

Excellent Drilling Performance

The powerful Drifter and Rotary Head equipped on WDA500 make easy, fast and reliable drilling performance in any drilling conditions to assure you a total drilling capacity that ranks as the best.

Wide Range of Usage

The capability enhanced design of boom and up graded the crawler mounted WDA500 is useful for wide range of drilling project like earth anchoring, tunneling, blast holes, water well and any other kinds of drilling purpose.


Dimensions US Standard Metric
Machine weight 1,102 lb 5000 kg
Overall length 18.86 ft 5750 mm
Overoll with ( Without operator step) 7.38 ft 2390 mm
Overoll height ( Boom lowered) 4.46 ft 1360 mm
Track length 8.46 ft 2580 mm
Length of ground contact 6.18 ft 1885 mm
Crawler traction
Traveling speded 2.7 mph 3.5 km/h
Traction air motor 8.8 kw
Grade ability ( without compressor) 34°
Oscillating angle 15°
Guide Shell
Length 18.86 ft 5750 mm
Feed travel 12.5 ft 3800 mm
Max pulling force 14 kN
Feed system
Air feed motor / Chain feed 3.7 kW
Hydraulic Units
Power pump 4 kW
Operating pressure 2900 psi 200 bar
Supply air requirement
Air pressure ( Max) 290 psi 20 bar
Innlet size 2 in 51 mm

Durable parts and easy maintenance

WDA500 is manufactured with each component parts made with most efficient material and guarantee highly reliable life time and all of the parts are available to be supplied by Wildcat.

Drilling Accessories

WILDCAT Drilling Accessories

The Wildcat Rock Drilling Tools manufacture and sell customized products according to the customer’s needs. Get in touch today to manufacture your custom products for your drilling.

Product spec

Name Catalog
Adapters View
Drill Pipe View
Drilling Accessories View