WILDCAT Utility Pole Drilling System

Component Part
No. Description Q'TY
1 Swivel + Shock Absorber Unit 1
2 Drill Pipe 1
3 Shroud 1
3-1 Locking Pin 2
4 DTH Hammer 1
5 DTH Bit 1

key Features

  • Pole drill system permits drilling for electric pole sockets or other utility pole drill holes to be more efficiently in rocks.
  • The system can be adapted to a truck mounted crane, coupled with a compressor.
  • The air swivel + Cushion device appows compressed air supply smoothly and dampens vibration and shocks from the bottom of the hole.
  • The DTH Hammer covering shroud helps the hole straightness and drill pressure control and the pin connection allows for easy service and assembly.
  • The system can be designed for drilling large range of drill hole sizes, by adapting various size of DTH hammers & bits and other accessories.
  • The system can be designed to drill certain depth of holes by adapting the extension pipes.

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